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TJ Higgs Psychic Medium

Dragonfly Tarot

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The Dragonfly was given to me by spirit as one of my totem animals, basically sent to guide me in my work for spirit. They are fascinating creatures!
The Dragonfly represents transformation and life’s ever constant process of change. When using tarot cards, we are looking for the changes and transformations in life, therefore, I felt that the dragonfly was the ideal symbol to represent that.
My reasons for creating a set of cards was to take away the mysticism and sometimes fear of tarot cards. All the pictures on the cards have a meaning for me and sometimes a very personal one.
I wanted to create a set of cards that would be read intuitively. Every picture and every colour will tell YOU a story and there is no right or wrong here. Also, you do not need to learn the meaning of every card, as the meaning is within you; when you connect into the person you are reading for or searching for your own answers, ultimately, it’s a feeling and a knowing that will come through the cards.
You may read my reasons for including them and what they mean to me personally, that may add to your reading vocabulary. You do not need to be a qualified tarot reader to use these cards.
I really hope you enjoy working with them, Much Love
TJ xx