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TJ Higgs Psychic Medium

Power Animal Cards

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Thank you for purchasing the Power Animal Cards. The power animals I work with most often are
Dragonfly, Wolf and Black Panther.
The spirit of these animals work along side me.
I created the power animal cards for you to use to see which animals work alongside you.
Sometimes we are given the spirit of an animal we need at certain times in our lives.
You can also use these cards to look at the past, present and for future opportunities for your family
members and clients.
Every card will tell YOU a story, there is no right or wrong here. I have not set specific meanings for these cards. The Meaning and Feeling is within YOU. When you connect to the the person you are reading for or searching for you own answers, ultimately it will be a feeling and a knowing that will come through the cards. Let the Power Animals tell you the story from what
you see and feel in the cards and the traits and habitats of the Animals.
I have added a few words of what I feel with the Animals, you can do the same.